Monday, October 1, 2012

Camping Math

We went camping this weekend with our good friends and their three kids.  Here's a simple equation to explain our adventure!

                                    5 kids under the age of 5
    4 adults
                    3 coolers of food
                      2 defective tents
1 dog
                           +              never ending thunderstorms
                              Insanity, water everywhere and lots of memories!

You could say that things didn't go quite as planned.  After 15 hours of constant showers down pours monsoon, we decided to cut our loses and move the "camping" to a structure with a non-leaking roof and indoor plumbing aka our house!  Never have I been so happy to camp 20 minutes away from home.  I might still be bitter about the accuracy of the weather forecast, but at least it didn't seem to phase the kids.  Artichoke and Zucchini both said their favorite part of camping was sleeping!  And apparently they did enjoy it quite a bit since they both slept for over 11 hours despite the leaking tent and thunderstorms! 


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