Friday, November 2, 2012

Calm After the Storm

If you haven't noticed there haven't been many any posts in a month!  Gees!  I didn't realize it had been that long until today.  I promise to catch you up on all of the adventures soon! 
October was crazy busy for us.  I feel like October was a storm.  It wasn't a bad storm.  Just a whirl wind of life.  Besides the everyday rat race, there were a few ER visits (everyone's doing fine), a cross country trip, and Halloween of course!  I feel like all of us just want to sit, relax and catch our breath.
Then we heard some rumors and the wind was knocked out of us.  The boys will be heading home very soon.  We had heard no news, which we have always thought meant no progress in the case.  So we were confused and concerned for what their future looked like.  For what our future looked like.
Yesterday, we had a meeting where our breath was completely taken away.  The boys will hopefully be heading home very soon.  But this time, we are elated!  No news does not mean no progress.  We are now filled with hope and excitement for their future.  
And to complicate the storm further, the boys are oblivious to any of these new developments.  Since the judge has the final word on if and/or when this may occur, the boys can't know until after court which happens next week.        
Now it seems that the storm has intensified to a level we weren't prepared for.  How do you spend your potential last Friday Family Fun Day?  Weekend?  Evening?  Who do you make playdates with?  Or do we just spend time together?  Do we spoil them with dessert every night?  Or do we continue to follow our "Eat healthy food" rule?  How do you keep your emotions in check so they don't think something is up?  How many extra snuggles can you steal?  How do you begin to pack up their things without them knowing?  What is left on their Bucket List?  What is left on our Bucket List?  What have we promised that "We can do that another day."?
How do we prepare for the quiet after they are gone?  Do we still keep the plans that were planned so the boys could experience them?   How do I handle changing all of our plans from 4 to 2 5 to 3- can't forget Rudy? How do you not get teary eyed when you realize that you don't need to take into account the tastebuds of little ones when you order your Produce Box for next week?  Yes, I'm crying over ordering produce while at work!  How do you prepare for the calm after the storm? 


  1. Congratulations on the news, but I do feel for you on the mixed emotions. I would be a mess. I would just love them (because you always will anyway) and sneak in a few fun family things, telling the boys that you guys found some free time to do some of the stuff that you promised and/or that "someday" has finally come. (Also sneak in those extra "slightly longer" bedtime cuddles. ~Angi

    1. This is great advice! Thanks so much!

  2. Elissa- just know that you both have been WONDERFUL foster parents to those little boys. They were blessed with your love and guidance!!! That is SO surprising that they are going home so soon. I'm so glad we got to be together and have fun. Stay strong because you guys can help the lives of other children that come your way because you are such a good role model! Love you all

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate them!