Friday, September 13, 2013

Bad News Times Three

Bad News #1: Only a few hours after we got back home from our trip to New Jersey, a tree fell blocking our driveway.

Bad News #2: The next day we found out there was a death in the family. We began to scramble to make travel arrangements to get back up to New Jersey for the funeral. Thankfully, we were able to get permission to bring Butter Bean with us. For the long-time readers, you'll remember we weren't so lucky with Artichoke and Zucchini. And yes, that means that Butter Bean logged his third and fourth flight within two weeks!  Thank goodness he is a good traveler. This trip to New Jersey was not nearly as fun nor happy as our previous trip. And therefore, I have no cute pictures to share. 

Bad News #3: And because things happen in 3's, we were due for some more bad news. So on the way home American Airlines made sure to handle our stroller with lots of special care. Anyone have any tips on how to get reimbursed for our Maclaren stroller and buggy bag? 
This is as far "open" as the stroller would go.  Also note the bent and missing wheels.
I cannot tell you have much we are looking forward to an uneventful weekend at home. Boring would be best!

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