Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's Play a Game Called "Solve My Problems"

Problem #1: Butter Bean is getting his walk on. Not yet unassisted, but he is definitely moving in that direction.  I have heard that getting "walking shoes" will help give them the right foundation to get to walking sooner.  Since he is such a bruiser (almost 28 pounds), our backs can't wait for him to be walking since that means we won't have to carry him around 24-7.

Do these "walking shoes" really help? If so, what shoe should I be buying?

Problem #2: Our living room is currently decorated in neutrals. See?

Please ignore the hubby's foot, dog bone and Butter Bean's hideous Circle of Neglect

I want to add a pop of color to liven things up. My preferred color is green since I think it will really look nice with the Dunkin-Donuts-coffee-with-cream wall color. Really it is SW Portabello if you want the real specifics. Also, I'm giving our gallery wall an update with new pictures and a fun chevron background. I want to incorporate pops of the green into the wall as well. And I'll eventually add in a few throw pillows in green to tie everything together.
I have completely fallen in love with this fabric for the curtains. I love the design and the fact that there is lots of greens and blues to incorporate throughout the room. And it is awesome that the brown in the fabric perfectly matches the walls.

So what's the problem? Well, we have 3 sets of windows meaning that we need 6 curtain panels. And each of those need to be at least 100 inches due to our high ceilings. All of that means that we need lots of fabric (at least 18 yards) and below is the price.  Ugh!

Do I use the fabric I absolutely love? Or is there a clever way to use this fabric and not need 3 yards of fabric per panel? Or do you have a more affordable green curtains options? I'd really like for the curtains to be patterned but if the curtain has a lot of cream/ivory in it, it looks bad against the white wainscoting. I feel like I've searched everywhere and still can't find something that I think will look as good.



  1. A couple thoughts.
    On shoes: I didn't put my 1 yr old in shoes until she was threatening to walk in public :) Strde Rite and Clark's first steps are both great, but they don't help your child walk, they protect their feet from icky things and don't prevent them from walking (have traction,are pliable etc.)

    Ideas do curtains:
    Use multiple curtains,alternating panels

    Use a wide strip on top or bottom of the fabric you love and fill in with less expensive material

    Consider using decorative trim to make it an even more custom look

    Good luck!

  2. Barefoot is the easiest way to learn to walk for most kids, but once they start, they need shoes for going out onto unknown surfaces. We liked the Stride Right shoes for littles - very light weight, but sturdy and flexible. But not necessary just for learning to walk.

    I like Cinci's idea on the curtains. That fabric is pretty, but might be a bit much in that quantity, anyway. But I'm not a very good decorator, so you shouldn't listen to me!

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