Thursday, September 27, 2012

Surprise Birthday Explained by Artichoke

You remember how we owed the hubby a do-over on his birthday?  While the hubby was out of town at the funeral, Artichoke and Zucchini planned a surprise birthday celebration to happen after school on Daddy's first day back home.  This party was complete with a thoroughly planned out surprise that we discussed constantly while he was gone, home-made cupcakes and presents.

Artichoke while eating breakfast:  Daddy, we are going to ask you take out the trash tonight when we get home from school.  Then we are going to hide.  But you need to look for us, okay?

Daddy:  Okay.

Artichoke:  Then we will yell "Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!"  Oh yeah and "Happy Birthday!" when you find us.  You are going to be so surprised!

Daddy:  Okay!

Artichoke:  But your presents are already hiding in my closet.  We got you a basketball, basketball shoes, and a watch.  It is really a clock that you wear on your wrist!

Daddy:  Okay.

Artichoke:  And we made you yummy cupcakes too!  They have chocolate icing.  We had to taste test it on graham crackers to make sure it was good!

Daddy:  Well, I'm glad you made sure it was good!

Artichoke:  Tonight's going to be so much fun!


  1. Oh so adorable! :) Thinking of you all today!

  2. That is so cute! He handled it really well!