Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cha- Cha- Changes!

Remember here, here and here how I complained about "the system"?

Well, we have continued to press on.  And when it seemed like no one was listening, we fought harder than anyone was expecting us to.  Needless to say, we found someone who would listen to the craziness we have been living for the past three months.  We knew our message was heard and so we waited to see if anything would change.

We waited.

Then we heard some rumblings about our conversation.  And we wondered, Was change being made?  Was it going to be the change that was needed?  Or just a quick fix to so many serious problems?

Then we waited some more trying to be patient.

Then we heard some news regarding the boys...  AWESOME!

Then we heard some news regarding us... Bittersweet but still POSITIVE!

Then we heard some more news regarding the boys... INCREDIBLE!

At this point we were so thankful that changes were made that will benefit these boys.  We honestly weren't expecting this type of change AT ALL!  It really did show that "the system" heard our concerns, completed their own investigation, and ensured that they were doing everything in their power to take care of these two cute little guys.

BUT THEN we heard more news.  Truly shocking news... IMPRESSIVE!

But wait- there's more!

THEN we heard more news that will prevent laws from being broken in the future... AMAZING!

We were are in shock.  We never thought "the system" would be so complete to ensure that these issues would not arise again.  All of the hope that we have lost in the system is starting to be restored.  All of the people who kept telling us "This normally doesn't happen." are regaining their credibility.  All of the energy spent and tears cried over these issues were SO worth it to see real, sustainable change made!



  1. Oh, I am so happy for you guys! Thank You for sticking it out and doing something about it. I thought I was just spoiled with my little ones (and the system I had in California). We need more people like you in the world! Keep it up. You guys are amazing! ~Angi

  2. great job making a change for the better!

  3. Yay!!! So proud and happy for you ALL!