Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Forget to Get Awesome Lashes!!

Alison Brady- the awesome Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant who is a dearly loved sponsor is offering all Redhead in Raleigh readers an awesome deal that ends tomorrow!

When you purchase the Lash and Brow Building Serum, Lash Primer and Lash Love Mascara as a set, you will receive the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover for FREE and the Lash Love Mascara for 1/2 OFF!  That's an $83 value for only $60.50 plus tax. 

Here's what Alison had to say about these products. 
"I've always struggled with sparse brows, and who doesn't want more voluminous lashes?  So, I  was so excited when Mary Kay introduced the Lash and Brow Building Serum.  It's been about 4 weeks since it became available and I started using it right away and it's so easy to use.  Just before I goto bed, I brush the tip over my upper lash line and in my brows where I want the hair to grow and then go to sleep!  It works overnight!  My lashes are definitely fuller, and my eyebrows are thickening up where I once didn't have hair so I have less "filling in" to do!!  The Lash Primer is amazing as it helps my mascara go on smoother, last longer, and definitely makes my lashes appear longer.  I apply it just like mascara in a couple of quick strokes and let it dry for about 20 seconds before applying my mascara.  Oh, and when I take off my mascara at the end of the day ~ my lashes no longer come out too!  Now, the Lash Love Mascara is the finishing touch.  This mascara has the best applicator tip!  It has tiny little bristles that separate every single lash so that there is no clumping, every lash gets coated, and it looks as if I have applied false eye lashes by the time I'm finished~ but they are all mine!" 
I'm so excited that Alison offered all of my readers this deal because it includes one of my favorite products for FREE!  The Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is just incredible.  It removes all makeup (oil and water based) so easily while still being super gentle and safe for contact wearers.

You can contact Alison to take advantage of this offer through email ( on her website (!


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