Monday, August 6, 2012

How are the boys?

This is probably the most asked question I get these days.  The problem is that I'm not quite sure how to answer it.  I think most people don't quite know what to ask since this situation is pretty unique to most.  I do think it is coming from a good place where people are trying to support but not trying to pry.  I definitely appreciate that, but it still puts me in a pickle to try to come up with a suitable answer.

The simple answer: They are doing well.  

But it seems like people asking this really want to know more.  So this is my attempt to answer the questions that are going unsaid in the above question.

Both boys are settling in nicely to our home.  We have established rules with both consequences and rewards.  While we are still trying to find our groove, we have still figured out a pretty good morning and evening routine.  This still needs a bit of tweaking until we don't have to think through it each day and it becomes groove-like, but at least we are heading in the right direction.  We (me and the hubby) are still getting used to our weekends being so active.  There might still be weekends that creep up on us and we realize we don't have anything planned to do with the boys.  Thankfully, we have a great group of friends who have accepted our last minute play dates!

While I was heart-broken to leave our old daycare, we were not sad to start our new daycare.  It was one of the top contenders when we did the Daycare Tour of 2012.  And I'm super happy to say that they have done nothing but continue to impress us with how they handle the boys, handle our situation and handle us being first-time clueless parents!  I actually think this was for the best, which is so surprising considering the path that brought us there.  But the boys are doing great!  They enjoy going to school and they both have definitely been learning lots of new things!

Both boys love swimming.  So there have been lots of family trips to the pool.  We have even arranged for Artichoke to have private swim lessons.  He has been making huge progress from lesson to lesson, so we are thinking he will be officially swimming pretty soon!  Zucchini has a ball following along with everything his brother is doing during lesson time.  I'm not quite sure that we'll have him swimming as quickly, but he is definitely super comfortable in the water!  Although I think he might just like swimming because that means he gets to wear his goggles.  Lately, he has been asking for them when getting dressed in the morning.  He likes to wear them up on his forehead all day long.  They must be the new hot accessory this season!

Both boys are great sleepers.  They typically sleep for 12 hours a night.  On weekends, we have a 3 hour quiet time in the afternoon.  Zucchini typically sleeps this entire time, and Artichoke will sleep at least half of the time if not all of it too!

Both boys are wonderful eaters.  They recently tried sushi for the first time (or so we think).  It was a success for both of them, which made us SUPER happy!  Sushi was one of our pre-kid treats, so it is nice to know that it can now be a treat for the entire family!  We do eat out about once or twice a week.  The boys behave very well in a restaurant.  And we are quickly learning which restaurants are actually kid-friendly.

Does this cover the different aspects of the question "How are the boys?"?  If not, what else are you wondering?  Just remember, you are more than welcome to ask any questions about them.  Really!  Ask away!  I just may not be able to answer them!


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