Thursday, July 12, 2012

Help Needed! Gifts for Preschool Teachers!

Oh, wonderful readers- I need your help!  Our boys are switching preschools very soon.  There is a LONG story behind this switch that probably isn't so interesting, so I won't bore you with the all of the details.  Although if you really want them, just ask.  All of it makes me very sad.  Not because I don't love the new school.  Because I totally do and I think it is also going to be a good fit for us.  But because the current preschool has been AMAZING to work with.  Ah.Maze.Zing.  The directors were wonderful to work with as we all figured out the system.  The teachers have been so welcoming to us and the boys.  And everyone has been so accommodating to our special requests that only come from foster parents. 

Even though the boys have only been there for a few weeks, I want to give the directors and teachers a special thank you present.  But I am new to this whole preschool-teacher-present thing.  I'm a big fan of practical gifts, but am just not sure what would be appropriate? Should I bring in a nice breakfast/lunch?  Are you even allowed to do that if it is just for the teachers and not the kids?  Is there a token type present you think they would like?  Do you give presents to just the teacher and assistant?  What about the swing teachers who cover early morning and late afternoon?

Please help a girl out!  Leave me a comment.  Shoot me an email.  Comment on Facebook.  Hell, send a smoke signal as long as it is legible!

And if you are in the Raleigh area and are looking for a kick-ass preschool, shoot me an email and I'll give disclose the specifics.



  1. How about an edible arrangement? They are always delicious!

  2. Are you on pinterest? There are always lots of creative ideas there. Two of my favorite gifts when I was teaching were a $5? $10 (I can't remember) gift certificate to a local ice cream shop in the town where I taught and letters of appreciation from parents. I still have those. (The ice cream gift went fast!) A meaningful children's book dedicated to the teacher with an incription would also be nice...something he/she can use in the classroom but also remember the boys by...