Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yet Another Delay

I have to admit that I'm not surprised this time, which goes to show you how many delays we have had in this process.  When we started this process in June of 2010, we were told that you would be licensed 2 months after completing the MAPP class.  We decided to enroll in the Saturday class instead of the weeknight class so that we would finish 2 weeks earlier, hoping that would mean that we would be licensed 2 weeks earlier.  I'm still unsure how that decision impacted our timeline, but ever since that class ended we have seen delay. After delay.  After delay.

We had to wait 2 weeks for our first home study after MAPP ended.

After we completed all of our paperwork, medical screenings and fire checks, we had to wait 3 more weeks for our second home study.

Then we had to wait 6 weeks for office visit.

Found out today that we have to wait 6 more weeks for our paperwork to be finished and sent to the state for review. Slightly bitter because we were previous told the wait would be 2 weeks!

The expected wait for the state to review our application is 60 days for us to become licensed.  Forget the 45 mentioned before.

Then God only knows how long we will wait for the call.

I know the wait will be worth it, but this is crazy!  Although it does give me a few more Sleep-In-Saturdays to enjoy!
Yes!  They are in our calendar!


  1. Don't just enjoy those sleep in Saturday's....enjoy all sleep as a whole!We are lucky that Brianna is a good sleeper...but sleep is far from what it used to be! 3am laundry sessions are entertaining! Get lots of extra crib sheets!

  2. welcome to NC - everything is like that here - especially anything dealing with "the system" - and YES...ENJOY ALL YOUR SLEEP! :)

    Amy :)