Friday, January 20, 2012

Foster Friday: Technology's Role

I often wonder how different our lives would be without technology.  Of course, there are the obvious things like not being able to catch up with family and friends on my commute home.  Or not being able to call my husband to add essentials to his grocery list, like ice cream and wine.  Or having to file for divorce because we are not good co-pilots want to kill each other after any car ride without a GPS.  Seriously, I think Garmin saved our marriage.  Sad part is that I'm not kidding.

But there are also less obvious things that were impacted by the lack of technology.  Would we have ever seriously considered becoming foster partents?  At first it may not seem linked to technology at all.  But the occasional post I saw on discussion boards mentioning foster parents or the foster parent blogs I came across on the interwebs stuck with me.  They intrigued me.  I was curious of how it all worked.  I followed their journeys, the ups and downs, the smiles and cries, the pure happiness and the pure pain. 

Then Kevin and I started talking about kids in the short-term.  They had always been a part of our long-term discussions since we knew we would eventually have kids.  But when it became a discussion of how these little boogers would come into our lives, foster care was mentioned in passing a few times.  But then came the long car ride where our GPS allowed us to concentrate on a more-life-changing-conversation-than-we-ever-had-planned instead of wanting to kill each other trying to figure out which exit we were supposed to take.

When we got home, there was more blog reading and researching to figure what exactly we were considering getting ourselves into.  A very kind blogger/foster parent answered a million questions over tons of emails.  Her honesty and openness to the both the joys and frustrations allowed us to be able to wrap our arms around enough of the basics to know this was for us!

What if we lived in ancient times before the internet and GPS and emails and blogs?  **waves to my distinguished, wise and seasoned readers who remember such a horrific time**  Would we have decided to go down this same path?  I sure hope so!  I'd like to think we would have bumped into a foster parent who was willing to share their story with us to plant that seed for us to discuss after we made up from our latest co-pilot "discussion". 

I am thankful I don't have to wonder. 

I'm thankful technology helped lead me to my future family!

I'm thankful for peaceful car rides.  Not gonna lie!

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