Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today is the Day

Our last pre-licensing visit is today!!!  Woohoo! 

 **insert the celebratorial sounds of leftover New Year's Eve noisemakers and horns**

The visit itself sounds like it is going to be pretty lack luster.  Hope you are sitting down for all of this excitement! 

Step One: We prove that we are able to make it to the office.  Yes, this is important because we will have to make this trip again (hopefully soon) to pick up our "placement".  Side note:  I hate that term.

Step Two:  We meet our social worker who we will be representing us as foster parents.  I'm nervous about this part just because this is a beginning to a long relationship that I would like to go smoothly.  For her sake, I pray that she has her sh*t together.  Otherwise she is going to be sent more spreadsheets than she's ever knew existed!  And yes, anything can put into a spreadsheet- ask Kevin!

Step Three:  We sign our lives away- yet again.  To be honest, I have no clue what we are signing today.  But I'll pretty much sign anything to get this process over with and get us closer to having a "placement". I think this is going to be the last time I use that word.

Step Four:  Leave. 

Step Five:  Enjoy a lunch date with the hubby.

Step Six:  Sit.  And wait.  Then sit and wait some more.  All of our paperwork is sent to the state to review.  Apparently it is going to be super interesting to them because they are going to read it over and over again take 45-60 days for them to declare we are licensed.  Although, from what we hear their declaration isn't so loud since we won't know about it for another few weeks.  But the important part is that we are put on the "Available Beds" list once we are licensed so we can get the all imporant call for our "placement".  Sorry- had to give it one more try to see if it could describe a child properly.  It just fails and makes me feel like we are waiting for a piece of furniture to be positioned just right in our living room.

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