Friday, December 30, 2011

Foster Friday: Baby Shower Part Duex

This post is LONG overdue, but better late than never, right? 

My parents threw us a BaByQ earlier this year.  A combination BBQ and Baby Shower was perfect for us since we wanted something casual and low-key.  It was so much fun to have our friends and family together to celebrate our growing family.  And it was really fun to have so many kids in the house running around and testing out the toys!

One of my favorite parts of the shower were the decorations.  My mom came prepared to decorate every inch of our house!  Typically I lean towards the non-baby end of the spectrum with decor (as you will see in our nursery soon), but I loved having all of the pastels and baby animals everywhere.  It was nice to indulge in the baby-ness for the party since it really made it feel more like a baby shower!  I think it also started to prepare us for the baby explosion our house will become once a little one is here!

So this is where I had a blogger fail!  I was very diligent about taking pictures pre-shower, but then I had so much fun enjoying the shower that my camera was set down and never picked back up.  While I'm sad for this post that I don't have more pictures of our awesome friends, their adorable kids, the incredibly generous gifts, and the yummy food, I'm happy that I was able to be in the moment and take it all in!  It really was a great time to enjoy the anticipation and excitement of having a little one in our home soon!

But all is not lost.  In exchange for lack of pictures, I'll post the most amazing pulled pork recipe.  And the best part is there are 4 ingredients and you can't mess it up- I promise!

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