Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Last night Kevin and I picked up our new car! *squeel* And for the first time ever it isn't a new-to-us car. It is just new! And one of my random goals has always been to drive a car that is ahead of its time. You know, 2012 in 2011! And I'm that cool person. I just won't mention that this 2012 car was available in March, but whatever!

I had been anticipating that "new car smell" that you hear people speak fondly of. And of course, I have smelled it before and that it was nice. But I thought this would be an amazing experience for me this time since it was MY new car smell. Well, it sucks. As I sat in our car for the first time filled with excitement, I was instantly slapped across the face with a horrendous headache. And that was while the door was still open! Despite my hatred for driving with the windows open, it has become a necessity. Thank God the weather has decided to be unpredictable and warm up considerably. So at least I don't have to decide between freezing and a headache! I guess there is always an upside, right?

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