Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Date Night Thing Isn't For Us

After a relaxing weekend of hanging out a home and getting random things checked off our To Do list, Kevin and I decided to head downtown for dinner. We figured we should take advantage of these date nights while we still can. After Kevin commented that a girl looked like she "had just come out of a movie", I realized that we had forgotten about those people that get all dressed up (or maybe they are just always stylish) to go out to dinner! That is so not us! We are happy to throw on jeans and head to the local Mexican place.

Despite our lack of style, we were excited to try a new place that was surprisingly packed for a Sunday night. The calamari appetizer was excellent and we were both excited for the meatball special. Their meatballs were delicious and the pasta was great! Sounds like a fun night out, right? All until I bit into a raw meatball! Ugh! If there is one thing that I hate it is raw meat! This completely ruined our dinner.

Poor Kevin was really trying hard to make sure our "date" wasn't a complete loss. So we went to the one place in Raleigh that would make any one happy- Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I do have to admit that the warm glazed doughnut did help, but I'm still not sure that I'll be having pasta anytime soon!

As we suspected, we aren't so cut out for this date night thing with cute outfits and fancy restaurants. I think both of us are looking forward to littering the Mexican place's floor with Cheerios!

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  1.! We totally enjoy date nights but they aren't the dress up and feel stuffy kind :-)