Friday, February 4, 2011

One More Change

I changed my REG test date... again! Yes, I know this is getting a bit crazy but here's the progression of events.

Decided delaying the exam a week would be perfect. I would get an extra week of studying and taking the exam on a Monday would ensure the data was "fresh" after studying cramming over the weekend. And I loved that an afternoon time slot was open so I'd be awake and ready for the exam.

Tried to reschedule online but my session timed out. Ugh!

Tried to reschedule again but the afternoon time slot was gone. Decided I could take the exam at 8am despite not being a morning person. Miskeyed credit card info (you know, where you hit submit just as you see the error) and my session ended.

Tried to reschedule again but now no sessions were available on the 21st. Seriously!?!

Rescheduled for Tuesday at 9am paying my fee. This meant I would take 1.5 days off of work to ensure working wouldn't clog my brain by getting between the studying cramming and the test.

Tried my best to make piece with this, which didn't actually happen. Because the next day I checked their site "just because" to see if any of those precious Monday sessions were available. And they BOTH were! So now do I pay another fee to reschedule back to Monday? Or stick to my Tuesday date that I really don't love?

I called Prometric because I really shouldn't have to pay again since those spots really were available yesterday. I couldn't believe how super nice they were to reschedule my exam without an additional fee! Woohoo!

Conclusion: Send good vibes Monday, February 21st from 2:30 to 6:00! I'll need them!

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