Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romantic, Slacker or Smart?

I'm not sure exactly which one applies to my decision to move my REG exam from Feb 14th (Valentine's Day) to Feb 22nd.

I am quite excited to be able to "enjoy" Valentine's Day, despite the studying that I will be doing. Although Kevin and I aren't the most romantic couple. We have been known to tile our backsplash on Valentines Day if that gives you any idea of our idea of a romantic night in!

I did push my exam out over a week. Part of the reasoning is that I'm behind on studying, especially after last week. I'm hoping that by having more time, I won't become too comfortable and not push to study every.second.possible. Only time will tell!

While I hate the idea of putting the exam off, I want to make sure I'm able to get in some decent study time. So hopefully this was a smart decision! We'll see in late March when the test results come back. I'm already dreading that wait!

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