Monday, February 7, 2011

New Office In Progress

Friday night it finally hit me that I needed a dedicated study space. The living room couch just wasn't cutting it. I kept being interrupted by Rudy delivery his stuffed hedgehog then platypus then hat and then ball just begging for some playtime. Then Kevin would wander out to the kitchen for water/snack/cookie and talk to himself. For a relatively quiet person, I never before realized how much he talks until I was trying my best to concentrate on the never ending multiple-choice questions. I just wasn't studying well stationed on the couch.

We wracked our brains trying think of a space that I could study until 10pm, since I have been able to go strong in the evenings until then. The typical spots (library, Panera, Starbucks) aren't open that late. But then we came up with the magical idea of creating an office for me! We were really thinking outside of the box with this one, but all of the pieces somehow seemed to fit into place.

Here is the office that you have seen before. This truly is Kevin's office and I knew that neither of us would be happy if we tried to share this desk.

So our attention turned to our underutilized guest room.

Well, we would need to start with a desk. So the Craigslist hunt began and I was happy to find the perfect one quite quickly.

Then the search began for the perfect chair. I think this one is going to be the winner, but I'm reserving my final opinion until I see it in the room.

The only question left was what color should we paint the desk. I loved the idea of red since it would match with the existing rug and curtains, but what shade? Clearly, a decision has yet to be made! We'll leave that until after REG is complete.

Here's a picture of the room in progress. (Please ignore the laundry on the bed) I'm really happy with how all of the furniture fits in the room in the new configuration!

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