Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ups and Downs

The studying went pretty well this week. I definitely am trying to find the balance of studying enough without going crazy which just results in being unproductive. This has resulted in less hours of studying, but I think the studying that I am doing is much more productive since I'm not forcing myself to sit at my desk forever. But I do have to say that my new desk is making the studying much more "fun". It isn't hard to make it more fun when it is incredibly painful to begin with.

I had 2 great personal training sessions this week. I'm really starting to see progress and the amount of strength I have gained. And I think I *might* even be enjoying the workouts. Not completely sure on that one, but at least I don't hate it as much!

Now I am very frustrated with yet another weight gain this week. I was trying to make good choices with all of the studying sessions, superbowl and other general life complications. It really aggravates me that I've put in so much work in my workouts to still gain weight. At least I'm not desperate enough to call my weight gain muscle. But you can't win them all, so I'm going to keep pushing through.

This week I'm in a training session, so I'm going to struggle to not only eat healthy but also have energy to study in the evening. I'm trying to not let this week's set back with my weight gain discourage me. I really need to stay positive this week since the exam is very quickly approaching.

This Week:
Hours Studied: 17.5
Multiple Choice Questions: 242
Workout Sessions: 2(Personal Training)
Weight Loss: up (don't remember the specific number)

Total Results:
Total Hours Studied: 72
Total Multiple Choice Questions: 1004
Total Workout Sessions: 7
Total Weight Loss: don't want to calculate at this point

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