Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big News!

I have been a posting slacker lately, but I promise it is because things have been crazy.

First, I have finished my MBA. Hopefully I find out soon that my hard work was good enough and then I'll graduate! But at least for now I'm celebrating the fact that there is no more work! Woohoo!!

Second, we found an amazing house that we want to buy. It is right down the street from our current house, but is quite a bit bigger to be able to fill with kiddos one day! It isn't perfect since it is yellow, has popcorn ceilings and quite a bit of carpet (Kevin's top 3 house pet peeves), but the layout is awesome and the potential is there!

Third, our house is now on the market so we can have a chance to buy that house! We love our house, so it is bittersweet to think of saying goodbye. But we will see if all of the stars align so that the move can happen. If not, then at least we can stay in a home we love in a neighborhood that could never be topped!

Here's some pictures from our listing. I've always wanted to do before/after pictures of all of the work we've done to the house. But I figure I should put these up now since I may not have time for those before/after posts!

Living Room, excuse the Christmas decorations
since we decorated before putting this on the market.
Dining Room
View from the Living Room to Kitchen
Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Guest Bedroom

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