Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saying No

I knew from the minute I started considering sitting for the CPA exam that it would require a lot of sacrifices. Some of these sacrifices are more obvious than others, like time and sleep. But today I said "No" for the first time solely due to the CPA exam.

I have been coordinating Supper Club in my neighborhood for the past two years. This has been something I've really enjoyed since it has allowed me to meet so many awesome neighbors. And the yummy food has been a great bonus! The next round of Supper Club is schedule to begin in February with all of the advertising, RSVP'ing and Supper Club creating in January- right when my CPA review classes start!

Saying "no" to this responsibility was liberating since I was able to relieve some future stress. However, it was also painful. This is the first real sacrifice that I've had to make since deciding to sit for the CPA exam. In the big picture, it isn't that big of deal. But the realization that this "thing" is going to happen and I better get ready for it is pretty scary.

Not to mention that the delivery of the gigantic stack of review books really helped it hit home that this Spring is not going to be fun... at all.

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