Monday, May 3, 2010

Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Last night we surprised two expecting couples in our supper club with a surprise baby shower. Neither couples have found out the gender of the baby, so I went with a bumble bee theme. I had so much fun getting the shower ready and surprising them!

Here is the first of two diaper cakes. I was nervous about making these since this was my first diaper cake experience, but I think they came out pretty good!

I was in charge of dessert for last night, so I decided bumble bee cupcakes would be appropriate and yummy!!

We got the dads to bee (hahaha) Boddington's beer since they are drinking for 3. Notice the bumble bees on it! I got way too excited when I found beer that fit the theme!

The moms to bee (sorry couldn't resist) got a Burt's Bees gift set. The babies got a onesie that says "Can I [picture of a bee] any cuter?" and a Billy the Bee book. The bucket also has a bee on it as well- another exciting find!

All of the shower goodies beforehand.

Can't wait to meet their little ones!


  1. I love the theme, everything was cute! I bet they loved it

  2. What a cute shower! I'm not usually a fan of diaper cakes, but those are awesome!

  3. Super cute! Glad it turned out so well!