Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanoes and Eyeglasses

The good news is that we made it safely to Jersey. The bad news is that volcanoes and eyeglasses made the trip a bit more complicated.

I'm sure most of you have heard of the volcano erupting in Iceland. When I saw the article on CNN, I thought "Wow, that is really pretty. Sucks for them!", never quite realizing it could have an impact on me. Then comes the call from my boss Friday morning as we are 6 hours into our 9 hour trip to Jersey. He wanted to let me know that the ash cloud caused by the volcano has stopped air traffic in Germany preventing our trainer for the seminar next week to be able to come to the US. "So in case you show up Monday morning and no one is there, that is why!" Uh, thanks! So we are still waiting to hear if the seminar is going to happen as scheduled, or if we happened to unknowingly take a very, very long weekend trip.

Shortly after processing this news, it began to rain. No biggie. Kevin was driving and was wearing his prescription sunglasses. He asked me to get his regular glasses so he could switch to see better in the gloomy weather. I open the glass's case and there were no glasses to be found! We have no clue at all where they could be. We have retraced his steps and can't figure out how they went missing. Luckily, we found the nicest LensCrafters employees ever. They stayed past closing to make Kevin's glasses and then even pointed us to the nearest beer store so we could relax after a much longer day than anticipated.

Hopefully the rest of our trip will be much less eventful!

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