Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breaking the Silence- Part 3

To get the full update, check out Part 1 and Part 2

That brings us to "the incident". Honestly, I'm not sure that is the best term for it but since I can't explain it much we'll just go with that. 

Butter Bean got really sick really fast. Like from being fine to being admitted into PICU within 8 hours. 

While I won't disclose any specifics of illness, I do want to say that there wasn't any trauma and there is no person at fault for this.  It was something that just happened and thankfully all of the people he came into contact with that day provided him with AMAZING care. This started with his daycare teachers noticing something was "off" and quickly calling us then his pediatrician who I give credit for saving his life then all of the doctors/nurses/specialists at the hospital who worked quickly and thoroughly to determine the correct treatment. I can't even begin to describe how much I treasure these people because of what their care prevented.
We spent 14 days and 13 nights in the hospital on the most intense roller coaster ride of my life. 

We definitely had the best welcoming committee!
We have an incredible support system in place that jumped leaped into action to help us in any way possible. They sent us and Butter Bean so many prayers, blessings, good thoughts, positive vibes, fairy dust, etc. They delivered dinners to us in the hospital to save us from the cafeteria food. They visited our home to feed, walk and play with Rudy so that we could spend more time in the hospital with Butter Bean. They were on-call to help with anything we needed. Like retracing my husband's route from the hospital home to try to find him after he called to tell me he was in a car accident but not to worry. Um, how are you supposed to not worry? So our friends immediately jumped into detective mode and set out to find him. Thankfully, only the cars were hurt. And on a further random sidenote (because this tangent has gone on longer than expected so why not), we ended up with a pretty awesome rental car which was a fun and unexpected treat! They sent us care packages to our hospital room full of goodies. They colored pictures to decorate Butter Bean's room. The very few who were allowed to visit came and gave Butter Bean some amazing snuggles and us a chance to escape that room to regain some sanity.  And so much more that I could go on and on. And on and on. And then some more.

We had hoped that when we returned home from the hospital that life could go back to normal. Unfortunately, we are not there yet. Please note the "yet" in that sentence. It will happen! It might be a new version of our normal, but I am SO committed to getting back to some semblance of normal. But complications and further testing are still in the way of that long awaited routine and structure. However, we (along with the team of doctors) are hopeful and fully anticipating it to come.  For now, there is good news and we take full advantage of it when it comes around. 
  1. We haven't returned to the hospital. 
  2. The team of doctors we are working with is incredible! 
  3. Since getting out of the hospital, Butter Bean is completely oblivious that he has any health issues!  He has been so happy and giggly and smiling all the time!
  4. Butter Bean will be staying in our care through January- woohoo!
  5. We have a crawler!


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