Sunday, August 26, 2012

We are Advanced!

So I have vowed to give you more updates, even if they are incredibly vague.  So here it goes.

We requested a meeting to follow-up on the craziness thus far.  We had a few questions about what the future could look like and needed some clarification on things that had happened.  The meeting started off quite interesting because there was a concern that we had requested this meeting to tell them we were done.  As in, wanted to give the boys back.  Um, no!  Despite all of the craziness, we are in this for the long haul.  And we are not about to give these boys back because the system has been crazy.

We reviewed my long list of questions and finally are starting to feel some support in the system.  But others recognized that there are a lot of things that need to be cleared up before we will fully trust the system due to everything that has happened.  It was nice to hear that they understand why we are so skeptical of the support since we haven't seen much so far.  But they are also very seriously about fixing the issues we have had to ensure that they won't be repeated.  We are very happy to be making progress and working towards having the support we were promised and a system that functions as it should.

Then the highlight of the meeting is where we were called "Advanced Foster Parents".  That's right!  We are advanced!  Ha!  Basically we were called this for doing something I would hope all foster parents would do.  But whatever, we will take it!   


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