Monday, March 26, 2012

My True Love

Because my first true love was math, here are a few equations.

Oxford Cloth = True Love

Oxford Cloth Sheets = Coziest Bed Ever

Oxford Cloth PJ's = Best PJ's Ever

Oxford Cloth PJ's showing up on my doorstep unexpectedly = Best Present Ever

Finding out my mother-in-law sent them = Best Mother-In-Law Ever

Oxford Cloth Sheets + Oxford Cloth PJ's = A glorious day of cozy soft goodness filled with nothing but naps and cuddles

And here's a graph for all of you fellow math geeks!

If you didn't pay attention in geometry, this means it gets softer with time.
Exponentially, actually.

If you don't know of the amaziness that I speak of, consider purchasing these (I have clear blue) or these (I have oxford blue strip and classic khaki).  You really won't regret it!  Or better yet- get both and live in oxford cloth heaven! 

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