Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Much More

These are my neighbors.
 Some live down the street.  Some live around the corner.
Some have lived here for a while.  Others have just moved in.
Today one moves away.

These are my friends.
We are all so different, yet have so much in common.
We share dreams, fears, advice and endless bottles of wine!
We have laughed together, shopped together, drank together, and cried together.
But most importantly, we have stuck together.

These are my girls.
They have seen me through some of the best times of my life. And worst.
They have taught me so much about myself.  And about life.
Always add a little spice. Put your family first.  Buy funky colored shoes.
Drink wine.

This is my family.
The family that I have picked. 
Not because I don't have an awesome family, 
but because these girls were just meant to be part of it.

We can no longer call ourselves neighbors, because we are so much more!

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