Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping for Leap Day!

I have always loved leap day.  There is just something about it that has intrigued me and made me happy when it came.

Leap day of 2008, we closed on our house.  Most little girls dream of their wedding.  I dreamed of my house.  Side note: This isn't to say that my wedding wasn't up to the standards of little girls' dreams- I'm pretty sure we surpassed that.  But buying my own house was a HUGE achievement.  It was the first time debt was good.  And it definitely made me feel all grown up.  This house would be our first real home.  The first home that we can really make ours through painting, decorating, repainting and redecorating.  It would be the house we would bring our first puppy home to.  Our first (foster) child home to.  And hold so many cherished memories.  And it was extra exciting that this beginning fell on a special day like leap day.

While I expected this leap day to fall short compared to last leap day, it has been surprisingly exciting! 

***drum roll please***

Our foster parenting application is on the move and one step closer to being finalized.

***squeels of excitement***

I just received notification that our foster parenting paperwork is being sent to the state. 

This is where you ask:  What the heck does that mean?  Translation please!

The next update I will give (in 45-60 days) will be that we are licensed foster parents!  Then all we will have to wait for is "the call"!  Woohoo!  I'm so excited for this journey to begin!

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