Friday, November 4, 2011

Foster Friday: Exciting Weekend Plans!

Because there is so many different aspects that I want to share in our journey to becoming foster parents, I decided to start a Foster Friday series. So every Friday you can look forward to learning more about the process, the system, and the reality of it all!

This first edition is going to start off with our very exciting weekend plans. We have been planning this weekend since September! Yes, the anticipation has been building for well over a month. I know you are going to be jealous that you can't join us, but life sucks sometimes. What are our fabulous plans you ask?

Sleep! Yes, we are going to spend the weekend sleeping in that comfy bed! But we are most excited to sleep in on Saturday morning and probably take a nap Saturday afternoon too. Why is this so exciting you may ask? And what does this have to do with foster parenting?

1. We are done with MAPP classes!!! Last Saturday was our final class! Woohoo!

2. We are enjoying our childless life while we still have it! We definitely know that our "Sleep-In Saturdays" are definitely getting closer and closer to extinction as we move further in the process of foster parenting. So instead of prematurely mourning our loss, we are going to embrace and celebrate the sleeping we still have left!

So our weekend is going to look like this:

And a little bit of this:
And definitely some of this:
What momma wouldn't be happy about sleeping all weekend?

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