Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2 Weeks Down in Reg

This past week I really started to feel the pressure. Not only did I have to balance my studying with life (aka my brothers visiting from out of town), but I also started to realize how difficult this material is. I knew all along that it was tough, but now I'm seeing how tough it really it. But I think I did a great job of studying 24 hours, only 1 hour short of my intended 25! Also I was much more aware of my diet and made better choices. This was essential since my workouts were a little slack this week!

For next week, I'm vowing to get back to my schedule and really focus on making progress with the CPA material. I feel like I'm drowning right now and I really want to conquer some topics (specifically in R3) so I can feel like the studying is paying off. I also want to keep being committed to WW and exercising because those results are always so encouraging!

This Week:
Hours Studied: 24
Multiple Choice Questions: 244
Workout Sessions: 1(Personal Training)
Weight Loss: 1.4 pounds

Total Results:
Total Hours Studied: 39
Total Multiple Choice Questions: 426
Total Workout Sessions: 3
Total Weight Loss: 3.2 pounds

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