Friday, September 17, 2010

Protest and Plunge

Things have been pretty busy as of late! But there have been two major developments.

The first one concerns running. The exciting news is that I got a new running accessory: Nathan Trail Mix hydration belt. Now I don't have to carry my interval timer (clips to the belt), water, cell phone and mace while trying to run! And I have to admit I felt more like a real runner when I wear my fancy hydration belt.

The real development is that my body is officially protesting running. I had a pretty crappy run earlier this week that resulted in plantar fasciitis aka crazy intense arch pain! I saw the doctor and am not allowed to run for at least 2 weeks! If you did the math correctly, that means I'm going to miss my first 5k! I'm so bummed. The doctor did say I could run the 5k, but I'd be in physical therapy afterward. Ugh! My body really needs to get on board with this running stuff!

Development #2 is a bit more exciting. I recently found out that I have enough credits and accounting courses to qualify to sit for the CPA exam in North Carolina. When I decided to pursue my MBA, I thought the CPA wasn't going to be a possibility. I have been doing research about the CPA exam and have been hesitant to commit since I don't want to do it half-way. But I think I'm going to take the plunge and start studying in January, with the help of Becker. My goal is to have all 4 parts passed by summer (if I can pass them all on the first try), or at least by the end of 2011. Good-bye social life in 2011!

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