Friday, September 10, 2010

My First 5k!

I'm so excited to write this post! It is a good thing yesterday I decided to break my running silence on here because I think it gave me extra motivation in my run last night to avoid the blog curse. Anyway, I ran my first 5k! Now it was completely unofficial since it wasn't an organized race or anything. But I did it! And I felt great!

I feel like there are a few people I should thank! First, my awesome running coach Amanda. She has been very encouraging throughout this running process and has kept everything very positive for me!

Second, the Gym Boss. No this isn't my secret name for Amanda when she makes me keep running. It is this glorious gadget pictured below. I hate timing intervals because I'm constantly checking to see how much longer making my runs painful. But the Gym Boss has allowed me to relax and enjoy those running intervals. Plus the hot pink color gives me a girl-power fist pump when I need that extra bit of motivation!
Finally, I need to thank MapMyRun because without this site I would have no clue how far I run. If you are a newbie runner like me, you definitely should check it out! I already have my next 5k loop in my neighborhood all mapped out!

For those of you interested in the official stats of my unofficial 5k, I covered 3.3 miles in 51 min and 18 seconds. I have been shooting to complete my first 5k in 50 minutes, so I was pleasantly pleased to see that I might even be able to beat my goal!

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