Monday, June 28, 2010

Produce Galore = Cooking Extravaganza

We have been loving our weekly delivery of local produce via The Produce Box and highly recommend anyone in the Raleigh area checking them out! However this weekend it became apparent that our vegetable consumption has not been keeping up with these deliveries. So this weekend I was on a mission to cook (and freeze when possible) as many of these veggies as possible.

Saturday, we focused on using the 6 pounds of tomatoes we had accumulated. Our dinner consisted of Bruschetta, Summer Pasta Salad, and Stuffed Tomatoes. These are all super easy recipes to make and all use a good amount of tomatoes, although not enough to deplete our stash. The favorite of the night was definitely the Stuffed Tomatoes. We will definitely use these when we entertain.

I also made Slow Cooker Moussaka (amazing!) to use up our eggplant and Stuffed Bell Peppers to use our bell peppers. Both of these I popped in the freezer for an easy, yummy meal on a busy night.

Recipes to follow shortly- keep reading!

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