Monday, March 2, 2009

Posting Slacker!

I fully admit that I have been a complete slacker at keeping my blog updated. So here is my best attempt to fill you in on the past month and the progress I've made on my 101 list!

Reservations have been made to visit NYC (#2) and Michigan (#10)!

We tried some new recipes (#25) that were super yummy. 1) Veggie Fajitas made from stir fried peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, snap peas, chili powder, fajita seasoning, salsa and lime. I thought it was delicious. Kevin missed the chicken. 2) BBQ Chicken Pizza. We used a Bob0li crust and topped it with shredded chicken covered in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, shredded smoked Gouda and red onions! This was a HUGE hit!

We also tried a new slow cooker recipe (#26). It was Southwestern Bean Bake from Rachael Ray. Definitely a different take on baked beans, but I'm not sure it was good enough to be worth the fat in the bacon. But it would be something good to bring to a cookout.

I also found a local OB/GYN (#39) who believes I won't die if we try for a little one (#40). A definite bonus! Don't expect us to start trying any time soon, but at least we know the coast is clear when Rudy needs a playmate!

We also finished organizing our bedroom closet (#70). Definitely nice to actually have a spot for everything. And it is still Rudy's favorite room in the house!

We have officially joined a supper club (#97) through our HOA. Our group rocks! Pictures will come later!

Kevin and I continued our date nights (#94). Valentine's Day we went to El Rodeo Grill (yummy!) and then spent the evening tiling our backsplash. How romantic!

Earlier this month we saw Rent at the Durham Performing Arts Center (#15). I won 4 tickets through work and invited our good friends Laura and Tony to join us. We met up at Mellow Mushroom (#27) and were having a great meal... until the waiter spilled an entire glass of ice cold water on my crotch. Literally direct shot to my crotch. Of course, I was on the inside of a booth and had no where to go to avoid it. I definitely looked like I peed my pants. And the best part is that I won the tickets through work which means my coworkers would be at the show to witness my wet crotch. Fortunately between my dark jeans and hiding behind my husband, I don't think anyone noticed!


  1. Try a little cilantro on your bbq pizza. It ties together the sweetness of the sauce and the red onions perfectly.

    I've been perfecting a recipe for Migas, a tex/mex breakfast dish, that is just entirely awesome. I'll share it with you shortly, as soon as get it written out everything that I did to make it.

  2. The good friend I am - I laughed when the water spilt on your crotch. Sucked it happened to you but it really was funny. I am glad it was water and not soda.