Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We have a Name! (And an Update!)

Thank you to everyone who answered the poll on our Facebook page to decide on a name for our new addition!  The results are in.  And *insert drum roll* his name is Butter Bean!

And while we're all here, I might as well give you a quick update. Things have been going pretty well. Friday and Saturday were a blur of figuring everything out. Thankfully Butter Bean was very patient with us! Sunday we felt like we were starting to have things under control until Butter Bean got upset- really upset! His diaper was clean. He was fed. He was burped. And still he screamed. A lot. So we chalked it up to him figuring out this is his new home and this was just part of his transition.

But then things got bad again on Monday and my gut was just telling me something more was wrong. We called our amazing pediatrician, who worked us into the schedule so he could be seen that day.  After our three hour appointment that ended an hour after they closed (did I say how awesome they are?), Butter Bean had 3 significant health issues diagnosed. (Sorry there won't be anymore details on the specifics of his health other than everything is expected to eventually clear up.) Then we hit up two pharmacies to collect all of his meds. We have seen improvement since he's started the meds, but we aren't quite out of the woods yet. Butter Bean still isn't medically cleared to start daycare, so we've been chilling at home trying to keep him as happy as possible.

The other news is that I'm no longer a twenty-something. Womp-womp. My birthday was definitely unlike any others. Butter Bean gave me an awesome present of sleeping 6 hours the night before my birthday! Woo-hoo! Then we spent the morning in court for Butter Bean since you know that's where all the cool kids hang out on their birthday. My only hopes for the rest of the day was a nap and a milkshake. And in all honesty, I was only expecting one of those things to happen.  But I'm VERY happy to report that my awesome hubby made them both happen! Hooray!

Sorry there aren't any cute pictures!  We've been focusing on surviving the past few days.  But there will be some coming soon!


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