Friday, February 1, 2013

Unexpected Call

Since we have yet to make a decision about if/when/how we are going to grow our family, we are currently on "hold" with the county. This means we aren't on the "Available Beds List" that is used to call foster families when children come into care.  You might already see where this is going.

We just got a placement call.*insert shock* But wait- it gets better!

It was for 3 kids! 5 year old. 3 year old. And 4 months old.

Easy answer- No. If we go back on the list, it will be for 1 child under the age of 2.

But then they say, "Well, you were the only family available that could have taken all three. So we will be splitting them up. Would you consider taking the 4 month old?"

Oh gees! I knew that we'd have to talk this one over since it is in the realm of possibility if we decide to enter the crazy fostering world again. So I got some background of the case. And called the hubby.

We just feel like we still aren't ready to decide if we want to foster again. And we think we should really make that decision before, you know, accepting any placements. So there won't be a cute cuddly addition to our family.  At least not yet!

If this tells you anything, it should show that 1) the need for foster parents is real, 2) we are still straddling the fence and 3) you should become a foster parent to take the pressure off of us!  Just kidding about that last one. Well sort of.



  1. I would take them, but I'm about 15 states to the west :)

    1. Angi- I wish we could send them your way! Hopefully you'll get a similar call soon!