Monday, July 23, 2012

Success and Fail

All day Friday I was super excited for my first girls' night since becoming a momma.  It was MUCH needed!  However, we weren't quite sure if it would actually happen because of one word: bedtime.
The boys have improved immensely at bedtime since they came to our home.  Now we have a routine and can get to bed pretty much tear-free.  The only trick is that both the hubby and I have our defined roles in this routine.  And so, going to girls' night means that the hubby would be on his own.  I definitely was not worried about the hubby.  He is an awesome dad and has been super hands-on.  The concern was with Zucchini.  That boys has strong preferences for who he wants.  And normally that preference is for "Mimi" aka me.  So that makes bedtime pretty tricky if I'm no there.

On the ride home from daycare, I explained to the boys that I had a playdate with my friends later that night.  Since it was "Friday Family Fun Day", we had a yummy dinner of delicious pizza rolls from Pintrest (so excited I actually used one of those ideas)! 

After some playing, I told them that I had to go meet my friends.  The hubby and I were shocked that both boys waved good bye and told me to have fun!

I met up with the girls and had really enjoyed the first (and second) glass of wine.  Then I got the text that said "All is well.  Put Zucchini down 10 mins ago.  By the time Artichoke went down he was snoring!  I'm basically a God."  SUCCESS

But then I came home pretty tipsy!  What can I say it was good girls' night!  So I didn't remember to finalize the plane tickets when I got home.  I didn't think it was a big deal since they weren't labelled as a special sale, but they were $200 more a piece on Saturday morning.  Ugh!  FAIL

If you happen to see a great deal for plane tickets from RDU to LAS in October, please let me know!


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