Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Party for the Dog!

With Zucchini's birthday coming up in August, there has been quite a bit of birthday talk in our house.  Artichoke was especially curious about when everyone's birthday was.  And boy did he get excited when he found out that Rudy's birthday was only a few weeks away. "Are we going to throw him a party?  Everyone should have a party for their birthday!" How do you say no to that?  So we began planning his party.

It was decided that balloons are essential to a successful birthday party.  So we decorated the front porch.  Can you spot the birthday boy supervising?  Don't worry he was consulted to make sure he agreed with the balloon placement!

And only in the foster parenting world do you have to post a sign like this.  Thankfully, the boys can't read yet so we didn't have to discuss the unique set of rules we operate under.

Back to the balloons.  We also hung them inside the house.

 And we even picked out some other birthday party decor.

The other essential for a birthday party?  CAKE!  After much discussion, it was decided that we needed two cakes.  One for the humans and one for Rudy.  "Because humans can't eat dog food and dogs can't eat human food."  So yes, we were "those people" who ordered a custom cake for their dog!

And here is Rudy's "cake".  The dog bakery was all out of doggie cakes on the day we visited.  So we all agreed that he would like 2 cookies just as much.  Artichoke picked out the pizza because "it looks yummy".  Zucchini picked out the sunglasses because he is obsessed with accessories- hats, glasses, shoes.  He loves them so much that quite often we let him take his nap wearing his hat and his shoes because it is too big of fight to take them off!  So it was pretty fitting that he thought Rudy needed some sunglasses!

We invited some of Rudy's human friends to join in the fun.  Artichoke wasn't so sure about having his dog friends come over.  It was pretty clear when the boys came to our home that they had very little exposure to dogs.  So I thought it was a HUGE step for Artichoke to express this concern to us.  We assured him that only Rudy's human friends would be attending and he was so relieved.  We are now gradually meeting Rudy's dog friends.  Artichoke does take some solace in remembering that "Rudy's dog friends are nice because Rudy only likes nice people!"

A good time was had by all despite the weather being crazy hot!  And this was a great test run for the hubby and I before tackling Zucchini's 2nd birthday party.  Hopefully that one will be a success too!


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  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing...Rudy's party looked like a total blast! I love your idea for photos, we come across this occasionally so it's a great tip.