Sunday, June 17, 2012

We are Alive and Doing Great!

Man, things have been hectic!  But I guess that is expected with adding two children to our family!  I have too much that I want to tell you.  And I really wish I could show you how cute these kids are.

But the hubby has been fighting a nasty bug, so I've been trying to parent solo as much as possible so he can get back up on his feet soon!  He really has been great stepping up when I know he really doesn't feel great at all.

And the boys are just amazing!  Both are so so sweet!  They have been doing great adjusting.  We have had a great weekend.  We met lots of new friends, went swimming at the lake, bought some new toys, played on the swingset and read lots of books!  There have been many laughs, smiles, and hugs!  There were only a few meltdowns and the kids were nice enough to have them at the same time!  Fun times!

We have called in the reinforcements (also known as my mom) to have an extra set of hands while we try to get registered for kindergarten, signed up for daycare, and head to many doctor appointments.  I'm hoping this will mean more sleep and a bit more time to catch my breath (and hopefully catch you guys up with a post or two)!

Until then, if you have any good night time lullaby songs let me know!  I think I can only take "The Wheels On the Bus" a few more times!



  1. Good for you mama! You are doing well! I know full well that going from 0 to 2 kids is a big adjustment, excitement mixed with "oh my what did we just do" Just remember, you can do all things through Christ!!

  2. You're doing great- I could tell the kiddos are happy to be with you guys! :-) How awesome your mom is available to help out!? I know the transition from 0-2 is tough but I promise it gets easier as you find what works for you guys! Enjoy as much as you can & I'm so excited our kiddos are so close in age & play so well together!

  3. Yay!!! So happy for you! Sending lots of love & support from VA! As a kid, I always liked these for lullabies: "goodnight sweetheart, well it's time to go" (oldies tune); "you are my sunshine;" "put your head on my shoulder" (another oldies tune my dad used to sing me while holding me-I'd pipe in on the "baby" parts!).