Thursday, June 14, 2012

Might be THE Call!

We interrupt Zucchini Week to bring you this developing story.

We just got a placement call for two boys (5 and almost 2)!  And it looks like it is going to be "the call".

At this point we have cautiously said yes.  Pending a few more bits of information like if they are allergic to cute puppy dogs like Rudy.

Stay tuned for more developments!



  1. Ahhh!! That is very exciting! How do you feel? Congratulations on you potential first real placement :)

    1. We are beyond excited but also a bit anxious. It is like you made your way to the top of that initial hill of a rollercoaster. You are super excited about the rest of the ride but still a little scared of the unknown. But there is no turning back now!