Friday, June 1, 2012

Foster Friday: Lack of Details

With all of this placement call talk lately, I have heard the same question asked a few different ways.

Why are you so vague about the placement calls?  Why are there no details about the foster kids? Why did you blur Peas and Carrots faces out?

The answer is two-fold.  First, this is my story about being a foster mom.  The crazy process to be able to have that title.  The waiting involved for the little one(s) to be in our home.  And all the ups and downs of parenting someone else's kid(s). 

Second, there is a duty to protect the innocence of the foster children.  They did nothing wrong and quite honestly don't deserve to be in this position.  It is a horrible situation that would be hard for any adult to deal with and understand much less a child that still doesn't (and may not be capable to) understand how the world works.  In fact, policy dictates that we "are not free to share any information about your child and his/her family".  This can make answering questions asked about the child(ren) quite sticky at times.  But that's part of this crazy game.  No one said it would be easy!

So there you have it!  The vague-ness will continue.  But that isn't to say that if you have questions about foster parenting that you shouldn't ask.  It just means I might not be able to answer!   

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