Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Murphy Took a Vacation Too!

Since things have picked up, we have been more anxious about when our placement call will come. Before we knew that they could come at any time, but now since we have experienced three placement calls all of it seems much more real. This makes planning anything in our lives pretty tricky. The biggest planning dilemma we have faced so far involved my Memorial Day travel plans. My mom was going to Michigan to see our extended family and help clean out my grandparent’s house. I haven’t seen my extended family in over a year, so I wanted to tag along. Plus it would be a fun to get some girl time in with my mom. But what if we got a placement while I was away? Would Kevin feel comfortable becoming a new parent alone? Should I stay home in case we got the call?

I flipped back and forth quite a few times about whether I was actually going to make the trip. In the end, I decided to go because we can’t put our lives on hold waiting for this call since it still may be months before we get our placement. And I figured that if I really wanted the call to come sooner rather than later we should bet against it coming and then good ole Murphy’s law would prove us wrong! Although for Kevin's sanity, we did check flight schedules to make sure I could get back to Raleigh quickly and had friends “on call” for diaper and formula runs if needed.

Murphy must have been on vacation too this weekend. Because I left town Thursday night (shortly after declining this call) and we haven’t received a call since!

Honestly, I’m happy that no calls came. It was great to spend time with my family laughing, sharing memories, and catching up . And it was fun to hear that they were readers of the blog! **waves hi to family** It is a shame that they are a 15 hour drive away since I always have a great time with them and wish that I could see them more often.

Funny fact of the weekend: My Grandma may have been the creator of the fauxhawk. This is my mom’s baby picture. She’s stylin'!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?  Did you make any exciting trips?  Find out any fun facts?

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