Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interview-Style Nerves for a Haircut

Does anyone else get interview-style nerves before a haircut?  I'm not just talking about the nervousness you feel right before the first cut- I get that too!  But my nerves start stressing me out a day or two before my appointment.

The whole thing feels like an interview.  And just not any interview, but a REALLY important one!  I mean you are going to have to live with this haircut for a while.  So the pressure builds to give your hairstylist an accurate snapshot of all of the different hats that you wear so that your hairstyle can fit all of the different occasions.  This is stressful because I need to properly portray that I am a 1) soon-to-be mom who won't have time for lots of styling, 2) stylish fun twenty-something that would like to appear stylish, 3) professional business women that still needs to be taken seriously, 4) wife so the husband can't hate it.

I'm crazy enough to think that your outfit is pretty important.  Especially your shoes since after the first 5 minutes everything else is covered up.  I mean that definitely shows your personal style probably better than it can be described, or at least better than I can describe.  But then again I could just be overthinking everything and the hairstylists don't even notice.  This is probably much more likely.

Some people have suggested I just bring a picture, since that will alleviate some of the pressure/nerves.  This isn't an option because it always ends in tears.  Always.  Somehow I love hairstyles on other people and hate them on me.  Pictures have never worked out well.

Most of the time I just know that I don't like how long this part is or that I'm growing out my bangs.  I don't actually have a clue what I want my hair to look like.  So I end up giving some guidelines and then leave it up to the professional.  They should know what would look good, right?  Well, I hope so because if not then I'm really screwed!

I have a haircut today because it has grown like a weed since the big chop

I'm nervous.

Here's the before picture with the all important I-wear-a-dress-to-be-professional-in-the-office-which-has-fun-polka-dots-and-a-splash-of-color-because-I-am-fun-and-spunky-and-try-to-be-stylish-but-am-still-reasonable-and-down-to-earth-because-my-shoes-are-comfortable-sandals outfit.

Stay tuned for the after picture.

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