Monday, April 23, 2012

Sacrifices Ending in Splurge

It all comes down to how much you are willing to sacrifice for a potential outcome.

After a week of following the Ideal Protein plan exactly, I hit my breaking point.  This is not the diet for me.  Why you ask?

1.  I did not like the Ideal Protein packets, of which you are supposed to eat 3 a day.
2.  There is no allowance for "cheats".  That means that as long as you are on the program you can't eat any alcohol, fruit, chocolate, carrots, bread, milk, corn, cheese, yogurt, ketchup, balsamic vinegar, avocado and many more fun things.
3.  Did I mention that the packets aren't so tasty?  There might have been some college styling chugging going on this weekend. And unfortunately it was soups, smoothies and pudding that were being chugged- not beer.

Was the week I survived Ideal Protein a complete loss?  Absolutely not!

1.  I was shown that I can be completely satisfied without any carbs.
2.  I was shown that I can have quite a bit of energy when eating significantly less calories.
3.  I was reminded how easy it is to eat lots of veggies.  I really do heart veggies.
4.  I know this is not the diet for me.  Maybe for others.  But not me.
5.  I was reminded of the fun of losing inches and pounds.  I'm down 8 pounds and enough inches to make my pants significantly looser.
6.  I was reminded how much I enjoy eating a variety of food.

Do I want to be skinny?  Sure.  Who doesn't?  But am I willing to not enjoy the majority of the food I eat every day?  Absolutely not. 

So what's next?  Lord, only knows!  I'm currently planning to enjoy eating the produce that I couldn't eat this week.  Tomatoes and strawberries here I come!  And then I plan to concentrate on having a well balanced diet.  That will include the occasional splurge.

Speaking of splurge, I decided that if I was going to stop the diet I was really going to stop the diet.  So I had the dinner that I have been thinking about since I started this diet.  My favorite burger and fries.

And then I might have had a sundae.  Ha!  I was excited to have real food.  What can I say?

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