Friday, April 27, 2012

Foster Friday: Carseat Success!

The war with the carseats is officially over.  While the carseats won the first battle, the crazy lady (aka Redhead in Raleigh aka Elissa aka uh-lee-suh) ultimately won the war!

And now, I present to you the most perfect carseats ever made.

This is the part where I will excitedly talk about how cool these carseats are.  If you aren't a parent or soon-to-be-parent, you are going to think I'm nuts.  First, I am not nuts.  Second, this really shouldn't surprise you since I previously identified myself as the crazy lady- that was your warning.  Third, once you enter the market for a carseat you will soon realize that some carseats are just kick ass and other are just a pain in the ass.

Back when we embarked on our foster parenting journey I had mentioned to Kevin that I really wanted a cow print carseat.  Now I knew nothing about carseats at that point.  But I knew that cow print was a really clever gender neutral print.  And since I have never been keen on finding out the gender of our child (and now also age, race, and quantity), I thought this was one of the best gender neutral items on the market.

Fast forward to our embarassing defeat to the now banished carseats and I felt like we were back at square one.  Luckily, our friends gave us awesome recommendations that led us to Britax Marathon.  We were wooed with self-adjusting straps that require no rethreading.  This is so much cooler in person than it sounds when you read it.  But then when my further research showed that they came in my beloved cowmooflage print, I was sold.  Literally.   They arrived two days later (Thanks Amazon Prime) and the war was officially over.  They fit in both of our cars and are super cute!

Now we just need some kiddos to go in them!

For those of you who want the specifics, these are Britax Marathon 70 in Cowmooflage.  I'm not cool enough of a blogger for Britax or Amazon Prime to have any clue who I am.  And even if they did know who I was, it still wouldn't change my opinion.

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