Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carseat- 1 Crazy Lady- 0

My crazy preparation for the foster child(ren) has finally paid off.

I was being particularly crazy last night and wanted to install our two carseats. Yes, we already have two carseats in the event we need to pick up two children. I wanted to install one in the rear-facing infant position. And the other in the forward-facing toddler position. That way we'd have the two more complicated installations complete and could convert one to a booster seat if needed. And yes, I had planned on driving around with them in the car until we got the kid(s). Once you have them installed, why install them again?

The hubby wasn't quite convinced with this plan, but we forged ahead. We figured out the Latch system and got the seat in and secured. Ta-da! I was pretty excited to see the carseat actually in the car since I'm a dork at heart. I was so excited in fact that I was content to move onto the next seat. Then I heard,

"This isn't going to work."

What do you mean it isn't going to work? We have it latched and leveled and all ready for a cute little baby. My protest didn't continue long because then I heard.

"Look at the front seat."

I look. Oh shit. This definitely is not going to work.

There was no room in the front passenger seat. And when I say no room, I don't mean not-sufficient-room-to-stretch-your-legs-out-on-a-long-trip. I mean there-is-no-possible-way-for-anyone-to -sit-in-the-seat-unless-they-don't-have-legs. Ugh!

So now we are back on the market for carseats. If you have any recommendations for compact carseats that can preferably convert from infant to toddler, please let me know!

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