Friday, March 30, 2012

Foster Friday: Rudy's Room

I think one of the most exciting parts of expecting a child to enter your live is preparing their room.  Our first child, Rudy, had already staked his claim on our spare bedroom.  So much so that the room is called "Rudy's Room".  Luckily, he has been very gracious in sharing it with visitors, so we don't foresee any problems with him sharing it with a little one.

Since we don't know what age the child(ren) will be, we had to design a unisex multi-age nursery/bedroom.  Since most of the nursery themes are very baby, we decided to keep the room's theme and use Rudy as our inspiration!    I hope you enjoy our dog themed nursery/bedroom.  Rudy is quite pleased that the room hasn't changed names... yet!

Here is what the room looks like from the door.  You can see that we have picked pretty bright colors for the room, with a light yellow wall color (Sherwin Williams Napery).  

Let's start with the bed.  It is a trundle bed with three drawers.  These drawers are empty, ready for any belongings the child might bring with them.  The painting on the wall is a love-it-hate-it type thing.  We love it!  And others are not fans.  But we are fully prepared that it will be painted over for Spiderman when kids are in the room!  But for now it stays!

This art above the bed was simple and cheap using scrapbook paper.  I had the brown paper laser cut with the dog outline and then placed a colored piece of paper behind them.

Now let's move onto the crib.  It is a convertible crib (into a toddler bed and twin bed).  I love fell in love with the bedding (Delilah by CoCaLo Couture) due to the design and colors.

This sign was made by my dad and give to us at our baby shower.  He did a great job!  The dog butt hook was a purchase we made before we were thinking about kids in the short term.  It is nice to something purchased so long ago actually made it into our nursery!

The crib is already full of stuffed puppy dogs.  Just waiting for some loving from a child.  They have already gotten plenty of love from Rudy as he tries to steal them to claim them for his own!

Now we move onto my favorite piece of furniture in the entire room!  Doesn't look so exciting, right?  Just a dresser.  I don't even think Rudy is excited.

But it has a changing table hidden under the lid!  And we got it for an awesome deal off of Craigslist.  Love that site!  Speaking of good deals- the painting above it was a Home Goods purchase!  We aren't that creepy (or rich) to have a painting made of our dog.  He just has a close resemblance to models!

Here is my desk and chair from my CPA days.  I am happy it was able to stay in this room, since it will probably get more use from a child than I used it studying for the CPA.  Note the doggie piggy bank.  This was our first baby purchase after deciding to become foster parents.

This is a view of the closet door that holds tons of baby clothes.  And the antique rocker that we had reupholstered with this colorful stripe.  I love the bold punch of color it gives the room!  And the picture of the puppy above the hamper is basically Rudy's twin.  Too adorable to pass up!

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!