Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drip, Drip, Drip

Throughout this process, I have been comparing our journey of becoming foster parents to pregnancy.  It isn't always a clear cut analogy, but I think we are waiting for my water to break at this point.  Since hearing that we might get "the call" sooner than we expected, it has made all of this seem much more real.  I keep feeling like I should squeeze in a nap because now I never know when my last full night of sleep will be.

The reality that "the call" could come at any moment has also left us realizing we need to prepare for it.  Since it is going to be a whirlwind of information (or lack thereof), many people have recommended having a list of questions ready to go to ask the social worker.  This ensures that you have all of the pertinent information when you are deciding if you are comfortable taking the child(ren) into your home.  Yes, you are allowed to say no to these calls.  Which I guess makes "We are on our way to pick up the child(ren)." mean my water really did break.  Otherwise, I guess a call that we decline means I just had a false alarm and I peed on myself?  Sometimes this analogy thing gets messy.... (no pun intended). Since this a pretty important distinction to make, here are the list of questions to determine the source of the leak!

What is the age/race/gender?

What was the reason for coming into care?

Are they any signs of physical or sexual abuse?

Were relatives considered for the placement?

What is the expected time in care?

Are they new to care?  If not, how long have they been in care?  How many previous foster home were there?  Why did they leave these homes?

Are there any known behaviors or therapies?

Are there health concerns, medical diagnoses or developmental delays?

Are there any allergies?

Are there any siblings?  If so, where are they?

Is the birth mom pregnant?

Speak/Understand English?

How soon do you need placement?

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