Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who to Save?

Note:  This post requires your big girl panties.  We all have a right to our own opinions. Since this is my blog, this is mine.  What is that saying about opinions and assholes?  Anyway, we'll cover asses a little later...

Question:  Who to save?
A:  Kids
B:  Dogs

That's the big question.  Who do you prefer to save?

or Dogs

My answer is A: kids.  Definitely not dogs.  Final Answer.

This may surprise most people since Rudy is plastered all over this blog.  Not only is he our dog, but he is super spoiled.  He has his own bed (yes a dog bed), but is usually found sleeping on our couch or even our bed.  He actually has his own room, aka "Rudy's Room".  Now he is expecting a roommate, but we kept the dog theme because he was here first.  He goes on vacation with us.  He loves whipped cream, watermelon, corn on the cob and apples.  This means that every time we have some, so does he.  In short, he is our first child.

But here's the secret.  We ordered him from a breeder.  Yes, that means that there were other dogs "dying at the shelter", who "need loving homes".  We did not choose to save those dogs.  We chose to order our pure-bred, paper-bearing dog who was not even born at the time.  He didn't come from just any breeder.  I interviewed multiple breeders, specifically 7.  I researched the different lines each of the litters were coming  from, the parents medical records and the breeders training techniques.  There was a contingency in our reservation for the puppy based on certain temperament testing results.  Yes, this means that if he didn't test well, we wouldn't have bought him.  Thank God he did test correctly, or that would have been another dog searching for a good home!  Well, not really since there was a waiting list for the litter.

I'd much rather choose to save a child than save a dog.  Really isn't that the way things should be.  Save your own species before a dog.  I mean they lick their own ass after all. See, told you we'd get to asses!

I definitely understand that this is not the popular opinion and completely flame-worthy.  Mainly because I have been lectured on the destiny of those poor shelter dogs when I proudly state that Rudy is from a breeder.  I will admit that the other side of this argument has many valid points. And for some reason, society has agreed.  Adopting a dog is much more socially acceptable than adopting a child. 

Wait, what?

I'll say it again.

Adopting a dog is more socially acceptable than adopting a child.

Am I the only one that thinks that is backwards?  Shouldn't we save kids before dogs?  Let me get this straight.  We, as a society, are choosing to save animals that eat their own shit and will never be self-sufficient.  But choose to turn a cold shoulder to children who hopefully have never even thought about eating their own shit and are more than able to become self-sufficient.

Oh the flames!
We get plenty of strange looks when people realize that we spoil the shit out of Rudy because "You know he's a dog, right?".  But the weird part is that we get those same strange looks when we say we are open to adoption.  "Don't you want a child of your own?"  "One of your own blood"

The response I wish I had the cajones to say "You know there are plenty of kids in orphanages looking for a good home!"  "They really are great kids who are cute and loving!"  "There is no reason to breed a child when there are already so many on Earth to love."   Somehow I don't think that would go over well.  Just a guess!

So now that I got your panties in a bunch (and that should be pretty uncomfortable considering that they are your big girl panties) you are probably wondering what's my point. 
Consider saving a child.  Just consider it.  That's all.

You could go all out and adopt a whole brood Brangelina style.  Or you could be a foster parent.  Or you could provide respite care.  Or you could be a mentor.  Or you could volunteer.  Or you could even just support someone is doing one of these things.

And please don't look at someone like they are a three-headed monster if they are considering or have chosen to save a child!  There definitely isn't enough of them in the world.  If it isn't right for you, don't assume it isn't right for anyone else.  We all know what happens when you assume.  Here we are back to asses again!


  1. Why did you write this post AFTER I gave up facebook for lent?! I just shared it on twitter though:-)

  2. Hahaha! I promise to keep the rest of my controversial opinions to myself until after Lent!