Friday, February 24, 2012

Foster Friday: Filling the Closet

Baby clothes are too cute!  And since we don't know the age of the foster child(ren) who will be placed with us, it has been fun collecting a few outfits for all ages/sizes.  Thanks for our very generous friends, consignment sales, and clearance racks we can still pay our bills after filling the nursery closet.

The biggest challenge has been finding gender neutral clothes, especially in the bigger sizes.  We have tried to keep to red, orange, and navy, which means leaning to more boyish.  But I figure you can throw a bow in the girls hair and she can rock some blue at least for the first few days!

Below is our stash in its entirety.  This isn't meant to make me look like a crazy person, although I understand that is probably going to be an unintentional side effect of this post.  But it is purely to document the nesting.  And more importantly, to give comparison when I post pictures of kids actually wearing these clothes!  And the fashion show begins!

Because it has already been asked,
"Mommy" refers to the birth mother, not me.
3 Months 
Those are little puppies on the onesie to keep Rudy happy!
6 Months
Duckie feet are so adorable!
9 Months
I spy a froggie foot!
12 Months
Again, daddy = birth father
18 Months
I love the alphabet romper in the center!
24 Months
I love these crab clothes!  Hopefully the kid is more cute than crabby!
I think this is our best set of unisex clothes.
These clothes are going to start to look familiar.
Rudy and Hedgy the Hedgehog needed to join in the fun too!
Let's hope the child isn't too wild!
Socks and Undies
Can't forget the real necessities!
And now the full closet

Yes, I do realize that we I have gone overboard.  My husband does not support this level of shopping preparedness.  And God help us if we get a kid that doesn't fit into any of these clothes!

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